The Blog in 2013: Top posts and numbers

Hello, and happy new year to you all!

While the blog hasn’t been running for a whole calendar year, I thought now was the perfect time to review some of the numbers on the blog.

Thanks to you all for reading and commenting. When I started the blog I had no idea how many people would stop by, and I’ve been amazed by the response!

So, without much further ado, the top posts on my blog this year have been:


3. Thatcher and the British Military: A Champion of the Armed Forces?

When Margaret Thatcher died earlier this year, there was an enormous amount written on her legacy. I was particularly struck by the strong association between Thatcher, the Falklands, and the military that featured in her funeral, and so produced this post.


2. The Royal Navy and the Battle of San Carlos

It was refreshing to see a post on naval history, and from the recent past, gain such attention! The topic of the performance of the Royal Navy in the Battle of San Carlos during the Falklands War is of great interest to me, and will hopefully be the basis of a future article.


And finally:

1. In the Footsteps of Easy Company in the Battle of the Bulge

Showing just how dominant big budget TV productions can be in sparking interest in history, this post (despite being one of the most recent) about following Easy Company in the area around Bastogne that they inhabited in late 1944 and early 1945, along with images from the battlefield and memorials in the town.


In total, my blog has had 2,994 visits since I started it in late March. Thank you all for reading, and here’s to 2014! 


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