Welcome to my blog!

My name is Dr Peter Johnston. Having studied for my BA and MA at Durham University, I completed my PhD at the University of Kent in 2013. While interested in all areas of military history, my doctoral thesis focused on the cultural and social history of the British professional armed forces at war in the Falklands, with a particular focus on recruitment propaganda, combat, and veterans.

I currently work as a museum curator, having previously worked for a social policy think tank and as a freelance historical researcher and content writer working for a variety of private clients, authors, and museums.

Anything approaching a view in these posts are of course my own and not those of my employer, either past or present. The copyright of all content produced here belongs to the author unless otherwise stated. I hope you find the blog interesting and become a regular reader. Thanks!


3 responses to “About

  1. Gabriel Dennison


    Saw you on telly just now. I have a large portrait of a 19th C military man and I would love to know who he is. May I send you a photo?


    Gabriel Dennison

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