Publications, Lectures and Papers


‘Gifts from the Frontiers of Empire’ in The Ambassadors of Dialogue: The Role of Diplomatic Gifts and Works of Arts and Crafts in Intercultural Exchange: papers from the International Conference at the National Museum in Krakow, 16-18 September, 2015 (Krakow: 2016)


Papers and Lectures

As a confident and experienced speaker, I very much enjoy delivering lectures and papers on a various aspects of British Military History and sharing research. Please get in contact if you would like me to deliver a paper or lecture.

The following is a brief list of some of the lectures and papers that I have given:


Pictures, Papers and Posters: British Propaganda in the First World War, 13 September 2016, Army Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.


“No doubt they’ll soon get well.” Social class and the treatment of shell shock in Britain in the First World War, 30 October 2014, National Army Museum, London.

“Join Up and See the World!” British Military Recruitment After National Service, 4 June 2013, National Archives, London.

Revolution or Regression? The Media, the Government and the Falklands War, ‘Picturing Propaganda: A Study Day’, 1 June 2013, British Library.

More than Just War Stories: Uncovering Professional Military Culture in the Falklands War through Oral History, British Commission for Military History Symposium, 16 November 2012, University of Birmingham.

“Whites of their Eyes / Fighting the Faceless”: Combat Experience in the Falklands War, Lunchtime Lecture, 17 May 2012, National Army Museum.

“Why We Fight”: How the Falklands Challenged Perceptions of the British Military, ‘The Falklands Conflict: 30 Years On,’ 29 April, University of Kent.

The Realities and Consequences of War for British Servicemen in the Falklands, South-East Hub for History Conference, June 2011, University of Kent.

“The Whites of Their Eyes / Fighting the Faceless:” A Comparative Analysis of Combat on Land and at Sea in the Falklands War, South-East Hub for History Conference, June 2010, University of Kent

The Continuity of British Combat Experience: The Falklands and the Second World Wars, South-East Hub for History Conference, June 2009, University of Kent. Nominated for best paper prize.


One response to “Publications, Lectures and Papers

  1. Re: Invite to 1916: No Turning Back experience

    As part of our Durham Remembers series of events, we would very much like to invite you as a military history blogger to a performance of our brand new production 1916: No Turning Back.

    Unlike anything staged at the Gala Theatre in Durham before, 1916: No Turning Back is a new walkthrough experience featuring the sights and sounds of the First World War.

    You will join a new recruit in a transformed Gala Theatre auditorium, volunteering with the ‘Pals’ as you take your first step in the journey of a Durham soldier. Witness the recruit begin training where he will be prepared and equipped for life on the front line, before enduring the trenches and attacking enemy lines.

    The experience continues as you learn that for some the war is over, but for most they are patched up and sent back out. Those that return home, do so a changed person. This is a fascinating insight into the experiences of the brave Durham soldiers who went to war.

    We would very much like you to join us to review this brand new immersive experience, which has an approximate running time of 40 minutes.
    However we also recognise that for Journalists / Bloggers / Podcasters living outside of the North East it may be a long way to travel for this experience. If you are unable to attend, but would like to post information about the event on your blog, we may be able to provide some video content of the experience for your preview. Please email: for further details on this.

    Best regards,

    Matthew Bateman
    Account Officer
    Durham County Council | Neighbourhood Services | Culture and Sport Services
    County Hall | Durham | DH1 5UL
    Tel: 03000 265 385

    Twitter @durhamcouncil @galadurham I facebook durhamcouncil galadurham

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