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Hougoumont 200 years on

Last year I was lucky enough to visit the battlefield of Waterloo, just ahead of the bicentenary commemorations.

One place I desperately wanted to visit was Chateau d’Hougoumont, the stronghold on Wellington’s right flank that proved so decisive in the outcome of the battle.

Until recently, the extensive buildings have been in private hands, but were extensively refurbished and redeveloped to open to visitors (you can read more about that here).

It was amazing walking around such an iconic site, so steeped in history!


The famous North Gate. Breached during the battle, Wellington said ‘The success of the Battle of Waterloo turned on the closing of the gates’


The walls of the grounds still have their loop holes. Recent excavations suggest the French may have gotten into the gardens – something not previously know


The inside of the chateau


The South Gate


The view up to Wellington’s position from the chateau





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